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Badge content in several languages

A Badge is a digital micro-credential that represents learning, skill or achievement. Before a badge is issued, Activity organisers need to create a BadgeClass. This term and step is specified in the Open Badges technical standard. BadgeClass is a ready-for-issuing badge that has required fields described.
Every published Activity has an automatically created BadgeClass.

Organisers can offer multilingual activities and issue badges in several languages. If a Badge is available in more than one language, the platform will prioritise content in language preferred by learners (view the Help article on How to select a default language on a Personal account).

Badge content in several languages

  1. Go to the Activity you want to offer in several languages.
  2. Scroll down to the section Get activity badge or click on Badges tab and click on the badge
  3. Click on the context menu (3 dots) and click Modify.
  4. In the section Essential information, click on Add a new language and select the language you want to add. Note! You can add as many languages as you want.
  5. Fill in the fields with the information in your selected language.
  6. Scroll down and click Save. Note! To save the Activity, the default language required fields must be filled in.

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