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Recognise entrepreneurial competences

The Cities of Learning platform offers organisers to add skills and competences from the EntreComp: the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. EntreComp is a reference framework to explain what is meant by an entrepreneurial mindset.
When creating Activities, Organisers can add specific Skills tags (see Help article on using Use skills, competence and qualification frameworks.

You can find the following EntreComp competences available as Skills tags.

Spotting opportunities

Identify, create and seize opportunities
Focus on challenges
Uncover needs
Analyse the context


Be curious and open
Develop ideas
Define problems
Design value
Be innovative


Think strategically
Guide action

Valuing ideas

Recognise the value of ideas
Share and protect ideas

Ethical and sustainable thinking

Behave ethically
Think sustainably
Assess impact
Be accountable

Self-awareness and self-efficacy

Follow your aspiration
Identify your strengths and weaknesses
Believe in your ability
Shape your future

Motivation and perseverance

Stay driven
Be determined
Focus on what keeps you motivated
Be resilient
Don't give up

Mobilising resources

Manage resources (material and non-material)
Use resources responsibly
Make the most of your time
Get support

Financial and economic literacy

Understand economic and financial concepts
Find funding
Understanding taxation

Mobilising others

Inspire and get inspired
Communicate effectively
Use media effectively

Taking the initiative

Take responsibility
Work independently
Take actions

Planning and management

Define goals
Plan and organise
Develop sustainable business plan
Define priorities
Monitor your business
Be flexible and adapt to changes

Coping with uncertainty ambiguity and risk

Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk
Calculate risk
Manage risk

Working with others

Accept diversity (people's differences)
Develop emotional intelligence
Listening actively
Team up
Work together
Expand your network

Learning through experience

Learn to learn
Learn from experience

Source: EntreComp: The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

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