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9.3 Essentials for writing the report of a youth exchange

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9.3 Essentials for writing the report of a youth exchange

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The following checklist includes essential information that may be helpful when writing the report of a youth exchange project. You can also find some useful tips and hints on what is important during this phase.
  • A youth exchange project report is produced using an online tool called Mobility Tool+.
  • You should enter personal details of all the participants in the Mobility Tool+, and each group will submit evaluation about the project in there.
  • The final budget will be checked in the Mobility Tool+.
  • In your report, you should write about the implementation of the project, its verified impact and learning.
  • A signed participant list and receipts of expenses that are reimbursed on the basis of real costs must be electronically attached to the report.
  • The material produced should be attached to the report, allowing your National Agency to use it publicly.
  • Processing of the final report can take up to 60 days, and the last part of the project grant will be paid as soon as the report has been checked.
Make a copy of the checklist and use it to follow the necessary requirements to prepare for a youth exchange.


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Open the checklist for closing a youth exchange project. Write down which of the checklist points did you find the most important for you?


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