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View who has the Activity or Playlist Badge

Evidence is a text or any type of file(s) that an Earner submits to get an Open Badge. Earned badges can be exported to an Open Badge. The link to the evidence is hardcoded in the metadata inside the Open Badge.
Organisers can choose to require Evidence submission when creating and editing a Badge. Badges with included evidence are more trustworthy and may be more valued by learners and other badge viewers, such as employers or academic institutions.
Added evidence improves the quality of a badge. Badge earners can choose to make the evidence visible when sharing their Badges with others.

To view who has a badge:

  1. Go to the Activity (Open dashboard -> Activity) or Playlist (Open dashboard -> Playlists) and click on it.
  2. Go to the People tab (Open dashboard -> Activities / Playlists -> People) and look at the Badges column.

Tip: alternatively, click on the badge anywhere on the Overview of the Activity tab and then click on the Issued badges tab available under the badge image and name. You will be able to view badge earners.

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View who has the Activity or Playlist Badge
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